The Treefort

A kid-friendly Table of Contents! (Basically.)


My channel is mostly gaming, and most of the games are Minecraft. But there are some other videos as well. My nephews and nieces show up in a lot of the videos. Not all of it is Family-Friendly, but most of the channel is. Watch out for tags like [SCARY], [VIOLENT], or [GORY]!

A Fugitive in Stardew Valley

My Let's Play of Stardew Valley changes the game's basic story. Sabra, the main character, is a criminal on the run from the cops. She gets stuck in the valley, and everyone thinks she's the new farmer. To make things worse, everyone speaks Spanish, and Sabra only knows a little Spanish, so it's hard for her to chat with the people in town.


My guest page for the webcomic Selkie. Mild language. The webcomic itself is delightful, but it deals with some heavy subjects, so younger readers should ask their parents to look into it first. Here's a photo of my niece in a floofy dress; I made it into a jigsaw puzzle. (I should put this pic on this page directly, so kids don't venture into DA.)


Here is a small selection of stories I've written. Most of my stories are not suitable for young readers, but these ones aren't too bad.
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Leonardo's Fears
This one gets a little dark, but only in what Leo feels and fears, and him almost hurting Raphael (luckily Raph is fine).
Person of Interest: Squidilarities
Mr. Reese compares Mr. Finch to an octopus. Mr. Finch is not exactly happy with this.
Really short fics:
Person of Interest: The Fight
Two grown men have a snowball fight ^_^
Person of Interest: Fluff Drabbles
Five short pieces about friends. Some of the feelings are a bit complex, but mostly you should be good.


Here are some short poems I've written:
Just seven lines,
the rondelet. Two rhymes within
just seven lines.

It weaves around and intertwines,
the four syllables you begin
with repeated thrice within, in
just seven lines.

I met you, once;
we talked. You left without a care.

I met you once,
and could not, as a man confronts
the love he wants, my love declare;
what fear I had made me forebear.

I met you -- once.

My favorite poem is Curiosity by Alastair Reid, but you're likely too young for that poem. Here are some links to poems I like:
A Bird came down the Walk by Emily Dickinson
I like this because it uses the word "plashless" to show a splash that doesn't happen ^_^
The Eagle by Alfred Lord Tennyson
Short and interesting.
The Road Not Taken by Robert Frost
Apparently this was meant to be a bit sillier than some people take it to be. But it gives the idea of thinking wistfully after the things you didn't do (because you chose to do other things instead).
My Shadow by Robert Louis Stevenson, who also wrote Where Go the Boats?
It's a bit longer of a poem, but quite delightful and a little silly.
When I Am Gone by Shel Silverstein
He also wrote the line "Put something silly in the world that ain't been there before." Which I think is a good idea.