Arkylie's Randomnessity

I tend to pick up giant projects and drop them before they're finished. I'm quite scatterbrained; be aware of that. Anyway, hi, I'm Arkylie Killingstad. Got a lot of content out there on various websites, so this is an attempt to make a front end for the whole mess. Let's see if I can direct you to the right part of my site. Which of the following best describes you?
I'm a kid! Or, well, not old enough to view adult content.
I've got plenty of fics and videos aimed at a Family-Friendly audience. Click the above link to see the Kid-Friendly ToC!
I'm easily troubled by some types of content! Please don't show me the really dark stuff.
Well, let's start with the fluffier stuff, and ignore the more intense or controversial work I've produced.
Dark and controversial work doesn't bother me -- I'd like to see it all.
All right, let's give you a full overview of the various type of work I've done.