Fic Stats (as of Dec 31, 2018)


Let's Run the Numbers!

Total Word Count335,713(unmodified)
Person of Interest337,220(52 fics)
Amateur Hour12,875 (4 fics I wrote back in college, some 20 years ago)
Other Fics3,817 (incl. transcripts for A Fugitive in Stardew Valley
Nonfic Words1,801 (double check data, esp. where the notfic's wordcount is)

To get the word count, I subtracted word counts from pieces that aren't fics (podfics, fan art, poetry), plus the titles of each minific in Short Shorts, plus Strip Search (Abridged), which isn't exactly a normal fic.

Kudos to Comment Threads1,179 / 585
User Subs to Work Subs26 / 132

Non-POI Stats

A Fugitive in Stardew Valley is an ongoing transcript of my YouTube series, a Let's Play in the tradition of the original LPs (carefully crafting a story that runs far afield of the canon plot).

Other than that, the rest are completed pieces: a poem, a filk cover song, a podfic, a comment fic (from YouTube, not Livejournal), one FMI fic, and my "Amateur Hour" collection from college (the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles one seems to hold up; I make no such claims about the rest).

POI Stats

Besides the 52-odd fics, there are 6 podfics, 1 audiofic, 6 pieces of fan art, and 1 abridged fic; five pieces of art are in a single entry, and four podfics in another entry, so the numbers are a bit off. Thirteen fics are still In Progress; one more is marked Completed but is really just on hiatus, since it's at a decent stopping point for now (Best-Case Scenario). The rest are Completed.

MicroficsUnder 100 words

Five 6-word micro-chapters, and two one-sentence prompts. Total Word Count: 62

DrabbleficsStrict multiple of 100 words

Eleven fics plus the Reward Drabbles. Total Word Count: 8,600

Five are FMI fics (two still in progress), and a sixth is an inversion of the form. There's a creepy AU, a dark response fic, and a silly April Fools' Day trick. There's also a dark look at a one-shot character, and a prompt that's a shorter version of the same.

Tiny Fics100-1000 words

Ten fics (all completed). Total Word Count: 5,685

Seven prompts, two retrospectives, and a quick creepy AU.

Medium Fics1,000-9,999 words

Sixteen fics (twelve completed, one on hiatus, three in progress). Total Word Count: 48,569

I play with gender here: 3 genderswaps, 1 genderqueer, and 1 Omegaverse fic. I also establish the Five Moments of (Nonsexual) Intimacy fic form, to get authors thinking outside the box of sexuality, and there's a monologue piece dealing with questions of sexual orientation. There are two prompts, two gifts, two episode perspectives, plus one Creepyfest piece and two dramatic fics involving pain and fear.

Longfics10,000-19,999 words

Six fics (four in progress, one completed chapterfic, and a lengthy one-shot). Total Word Count: 92,469

This set holds the first installment of my Finchnappings series, a 5+1 set of negotiations and a supernatural AU version of one of the chapters, and a Creepyfest piece. There's also two response fics, both of which deal with questions of consent to sexual activity.

Epic Tales20,000+ words

Five fics (two completed; all quite dramatic and not for sensitive readers). Total Word Count: 181,845

Completed: Two fic exchanges (a casefic and an AU); both turned out quite well.

In Progress: My 2017 NaNoWriMo project, which is unlikely to ever be completed (although there's a bit more that I'd like to add to it, even so), plus my most popular fic, and my most ambitious Creepyfest project.

Person of Interest Fics


A Series is a set of related fics that, in contrast to a Collection, shows a sense of progression. I suppose the simplest way to look at it is: You can read a Collection in any order, but there is one "right" order in which to read a Series. A fic can be in multiple Collections, but usually only one Series.

The Many Kidnappings of Harold P. Finch

My most ambitious series is intended to be Once an Episode: For each canon episode, find a place where Harold could get kidnapped, and write that scene. Harold will live through each kidnapping, largely intact; I haven't yet decided if the kidnappings are separate or cumulative (that is, does Harold remember his previous kidnappings, or are the stories all separate?).

For episodes in which Finch gets kidnapped in canon, I use an AU treatment, and his fate is a bit more up in the air. For example, in Bespoke, he's alive at the end, but… well, you'll have to read it.

Finchnappings: Strip Search (Pilot), Buying Time (Ghosts)
AU Finchnappings: Bespoke (Firewall)

The Journey of Anton O'Mara

In an attempt to redeem that cocky little punk from the pilot episode (I've always liked him), I've started a series that is going to put him through the wringer.

I noted that in the guns scene, Anton throws up his hands to surrender, while the rest of the room gets shot. I've establish some backstory that accounts for this, as well as for his cocky attitude to begin with, and the way he decides to poke at Reese rather than back off after getting grabbed.

Anton's Journey: Muffled Loneliness


Five Moments of Intimacy



Alternate Universes

Female Perspectives

Prompt and Response Fics

Engaging the Fandom

Besides the prompts and response fics, I've also written a few pieces for more direct connection with the fandom. Each year, I write a Retrospective, using the short story to discuss, in meta form, what the previous year was like for me. I have Reward Drabbles for anyone who spots a typo in my work (doesn't happen often, and I still haven't completed the ones I owe). And, with the consent of my five most encouraging fans, I wrote up A Room with Five Fans, which stars those same fans (or, well, AU versions of them), who've been pulled into a POI case when a bizarre man kidnaps them from a convention in New York.

Episode Perspectives

Harold's Nightmare deals with the debate over killing the congressman, while A Better Way covers Harold desperately trying to convince Root not to kill Beth Bridges (and segues into a "lesser of two evils" ending). ABW also gets to finish up the part where Root knocks Harold out, because I was disappointed that they avoided that.

Silly Shenanigans

I posted part of my outline notes for Strip Search, which is kinda like an Abridged episode of my fic, and I found it quite amusing. I also published an April Fools' Day fic called Amorous Fancies, which uses the crack pairing Harold Finch/Nicholas Donnelly.