Fluffier Fics

Despite my decided preference for intensely dramatic fics, I've enjoyed writing a variety of lighter fare.

These fics aren't all Fluff, but they're less likely to traumatize sensitive readers. Canon-Typical Violence is still possible, as is a certain amount of Angst.

On fics of any significant length (so, not Drabbles), you can be assured that the ending will be positive or bittersweet, not negative. (Since my Creepyfest fare is deliberately designed to unsettle the reader and has no guarantee of a positive ending, it's the polar opposite of this category.)

Five Moments of (Nonsexual) Intimacy

My Five Moments (FMI or FMNI) series explores the variety of intimacy that can be achieved without any sexuality in the mix.

Short Fics (Fluffy, Silly, or Thoughtful)

The Fight
Despite the name, this is perhaps my fluffiest drabble. Has to do with winter ^_^
November Shuffles the Deck
A bare-bones look at the series if Nathan had survived instead of Harold. (One of my writing prompts.)
December Acts Selflessly
Harold contemplates the Damsel in Distress trope, as it applies to him.
Amorous Fancies
An April Fools' Day drabble with a crack pairing.
Strip Search (Abridged)
My notes for crafting Strip Search, which work kinda like an Abridged series or Five-Minute Voyager.
This is not typical of my writing notes unless I'm quite stuck and need a better sense of the outline.

Dramatic Fics (Lower Intensity)

First, a couple episode perspectives -- Harold's point of view during a canon scene, or a scene that starts out canon and goes in a different direction. I love both of these scenes and watched them repeatedly.

Harold's Nightmare
While his team debates whether to kill a (mostly) innocent man, Harold tries desperately to come up with a way to persuade them not to take a life.
An interesting aspect for this piece is that Harold was almost certainly in the wrong here (in canon). If the Machine had crunched more numbers than humans could possibly deal with in the amount of time allowed, and pointed to the congressman as the guy who had to be taken out, then there was literally no less harmful way that the Machine could see to accomplish its goals (of defending humanity, and especially the innocent, to the best of its abilities). Harold acknowledges this but refuses to deal with the implications because the idea is so repugnant to him -- but killing the congressman would've saved a ton of lives, possibly including John's.
A Better Way
While Root discusses her plans to kill Beth to save Harold's life, Harold tries desperately to come up with arguments that would keep her from taking a life. And there's no easy out this time, no vial of poison for him to drink; I wrote the knockout scene in full, including what Root does afterwards, and why. A "lesser of many evils" sort of solution.

Now for an AU and a silly Valentine's Day collaborative piece:

Strange Bedfellas
Omegaverse: Against the wishes of protective Alpha Reese, Omega Finch goes to have dinner with Elias. Things heat up.
Everybody Wants Finch
One Valentine's Day, it seems like everyone is trying to kidnap Harold Finch. For a lot of reasons. (This piece is quite over-the-top at times.)

Medium Fluffy Fics

I got fed up with the prevalence of Rinch as the OTP, and started writing a scenario where they couldn't get together (in monologue form, Harold reasoning it out). It turned into a scenario where they got together anyway (sigh). On the up side, it's also one of the first ways I connected with my fellow fans, who wrote follow-ups.
October Feels Odd (aka Post-Surgery Pronoia)
Post-surgery, a prickly Harold does not take well to his space being invaded by very helpful friends. (My first Everyone Lives fic, entirely by accident.)
Note: Paranoia is the feeling that everyone's out to get you. Pronoia is the feeling that everyone's out to help you.
Early S1 Harold is suspicious when John gives him a plush octopus.
Truths Unwhispered
Root contemplates her complicated feelings toward Harold, Shaw, and the Machine.

I also have a selection of fics in this range that are based on Genderswap (Female All Along) versions of major characters.

A Conversation with Miss Kittiwake
When Finch calls Carter for a ride, the detective gets a rare chance to talk with the mysterious and many-faced woman.
The Problem with Convenient Apps
There's probably nothing in this piece that couldn't have happened with the male versions, but Reagan Pierce discusses a business opportunity with Liana Tao.
Joanna and Carlee
Joanna Reese saves Carlee Elias from getting shot -- again. And then Carlee gives her something to think about.
Not necessarily an entry, because Anthony Marconi may or may not be trans here. But it fits with the rest, and explores questions of gender presentation and the social forces that reduce our options for self-expression.


These are sometimes for dramatic scenarios, but there's not enough time to build my preferred intensity.

July Goes Nuts

In July of 2018, I posted my first piece of POI fan art, with the suggestion to stretch your muscles a bit, move outside your comfort zone, and try to make something in a medium that isn't your normal form of expression. I got a good handful of responses

Birthday Prompts

For 2019, instead of posting a new prompt each month, I decided to post an overall prompt (that gives ideas for each month throughout the year), and then a more specific prompt around July, which works out great: the first deadline is my birthday (August 31st), and the second is Halloween.

Other Prompts

Three Minutes
Harold's about to be kidnapped, and there's nothing John can do except to talk with him until it happens. Will you talk to Finch?
February Soon Appears
Harold and John make their way through a pitch-black basement, unable to use any light or make a sound lest the bad guys find them.
June Unexpectedly Arises
John just drugged Harold -- you get to explain why.
Look, John, Just Play Along
I wrote a nice gathering of our heroes to relax and get a little gaming in before Season 3 really kicks into high gear. Time for you to write a scenario (any scenario) in which John ends up playing a game (any game).
Exception: I'm sure John can play Poker, Blackjack, etc. Regular games with a regular deck of cards don't count. And do try to get more creative than Monopoly.
"Does it look like I play video games, Leon?"

I've also posted two super short prompts; one got a couple fills, while the other hasn't.

A Room with Five Fans

As my present to the fandom the first year, I crafted a story starring my five most encouraging supporters (with their permission). It turned out great, and I really need to get around to writing the next part.

Typo-Spotter Drabble Rewards

I do not keep up on these like I should. Fringuello's been waiting ages for me to finish hers. You'd think a hundred words would be easy!


Each year, around Christmas or New Year's Eve, I post a short fic that uses the tale to give a meta message to my readers.

Retrospective: Water

Retrospective: Air