Intensely Dramatic Fics

One of my fans posted this comment on a fic once:

My poor little angel, stop hurting him (keep doinng this eheheh)

And that's the core of the Whump genre, isn't it? We want to hit those feelings of "oh poor baby," and we get this by seeing our favorite characters suffer. I happen to prefer a happy ending -- mostly Hurt/Comfort, though other things are possible, and the key detail is that at some point, the suffer is over and behind you. Not to say I won't read really dark stuff with no happy ending in sight, but only occasionally, in small doses.

But the intensity, that's the part that appeals to me. Intense drama, intense emotions. And I'm really quite good at crafting such tales.


My darkest material comes out in October, which is when all the brakes are off. Unlike my usual fare, there's no guarantee of a happy ending, or even that any particular character might make it to the end intact, sane, or even alive.

Longer Creepyfest Pieces

Bespoke (Oct 1, 2017)
To Be There in Time
Unseen Things
This includes several companion pieces written by various authors (see main fic for links), as well as two companion audio files written by me and performed by DesireeArmfeldt: Leaving the Birdhouse and A Confession You'll Never Hear.

Shorter Creepyfest Pieces

The shorter pieces come out when I think them up, as they're usually quite fast to get written down, so they're not specific to Creepyfest. Still, they fit the same vibe: They're creepy, they're meant to unsettle, and there's no guarantee of a happy ending.

Harold Would Have Thanked Him
Man, on the Inside
I don't want this body to hurt anyone


NaNoWriMo 2017

Manipulations was...

Other Whump Tales

Best-Case Scenario
January Promptly Arrives
March Comes Barreling In
August Zooms In (Anton) and Muffled Loneliness
Buying Time
On the Other Side of the Mirror
Numb Too Long
Given how I designed this fic, it's split into its two component parts over on

Angst / Intense Feelings / Panic

The Great Mistake
Obedience Is Bliss (Don't Fight It)
The Toll
Strip Search