Slave Loki

Fics Where Loki Is Enslaved

(And some similar concepts.)

Sentenced to Slavery

For Loki's crimes on Asgard, Jotunheim, and Midgard, what should his punishment be?

This section collects those fics wherein Loki is sentenced to slavery, and sorts them by which master he is bound to, making note of a few sub-categories along the way.

Generally, these fics work with a Redemption Arc plot, where the unexpected kindness of his human master brings Loki to a better state. Often, this is juxtaposed with a quite negative view of Asgard.

The most common master I've noticed is Tony Stark, so those are sorted into sub-categories at the bottom of this section. Let's see what other possibilites exist:

All the Avengers

As You Wish by (Anonymous)

"I give my word to serve you, and follow your every order to the letter unless it conflicts with a previous order, until the time comes when I learn Odin's intended lesson for me, whichever it may be."

Oh, this one is delightful, a complicated mix of the Avengers not taking slavery seriously and Loki having far too much pride for his own good. The compulsion is enforced not by magic per se, but by an oath-geas. Loki doesn't imagine that he'll learn whatever lesson Odin means him to learn, so he believes that Odin means this as a lifelong humiliation rather than anything constructive.

Loki is bound to the five Avengers, in relative freedom (still has his magic, can shapeshift, can leave the tower unsupervised), and is soon cooking for them and doing their laundry and such. The Avengers are jerks in various ways, some more innocent and some not so much, and their unthinking orders add up over time, making Loki's life miserable… but the part near the end where everyone realizes what's been going on is super satisfying, and they do get to a better mindset, especially as Loki more fully appreciates that they never meant to be that cruel to him.

Thrall to Phil Coulson

Reconciliation by Tangerinedream [UNFINISHED (2014)]

…desperate keening pleas in broken Norse: “Aldregi! Allfather, Neinn! Neinn! Aldri, Allfather. Please, please. Neinn þræll: æva þræll.”

With a short cry of exhausted despair, Loki sank down to his knees before them.
“Have you accepted me?”
So hopelessly lost. The voice of a man who had given up and wished only for death.
Phil did the only thing he could do and sank down onto his knees, mirroring the god’s posture, and cupped the thin face in his hands.
“I have. I accept you, Loki.”
And the magic rushed through them like a wave and they clung to each other as they drowned in it.

It's got so much promise, as an idea: Loki is ceded to Coulson, who will actually take the responsibility seriously, and the collar/bindings keep Loki from using his magic (except as Coulson allows) and doing any harm. I was looking forward to seeing explanations for some of the mysteries that were raised.

Sadly, Tangerinedream last updated anything in 2014, with a note about losing confidence after some jerks posted hurtful comments. She was in the process of rewriting the fic, but appears to have stopped cold.

Given her obvious talent in creating scenarios and her skill at depicting the details (at 17!), I hope somehow she found a way to keep writing, even if I never get the pleasure of reading her future work.

Thrall to Frigga

Drag the Past Out Into the Light by Coneycat

"Loki Odinsson. Our sentence is that you shall, if possible, be healed to a point where you understand the severity of your crimes, and you will be compelled to make what recompense for them you can. This sentence will not be merely imposed upon you; rather your participation will be full and your release dependent upon your ability to learn from what you have done."

Rather than punish Loki harshly, Odin binds him to Frigga, who begins therapy simply by sequestering them in her chambers and basically just going about a simple, easy life with him until he's ready to talk. He's magically bound not to lie or to do harm to anyone (including himself, and he can't even entertain the thought), but otherwise there are no restrictions put on his actions or reactions.

He starts off well aware that he is a monster and now a thrall and not deserving of anything else; if the King and Queen wish to do things to him, they have every right, and so he doesn't fight or rage or even deny them whatever they ask of him (even when he thinks, early on, that Odin will cut off his hands or cut out his tongue). Over time, though, he comes to be aware of how much his mindset was screwed up by the revelations in Thor, and how much he needs to change to right himself with the world, with his family, and within himself.

This healing takes place over the course of centuries -- which would make it hard for the Avengers to see progress, but SHIELD's been toying with immortality juice, so not only do they get to see Loki changed, but they get an idea of why, when Odin calls them on the carpet over whether they want justice or merely vengeance.

Also, while Tony's kinda the same ass as ever (though one who can learn!), Thor and Steve are portrayed quite negatively here. Thor's a glory-hog who puts himself up by putting Loki down. Steve seems to think that rehabilitation is impossible or not worth seeking (after 20 years, the Avengers assume that Loki would still be in prison or worse, and react to the idea of his reform like he got zero punishment at all).

Other Characters

I Used to Be My Own Protection by Cadburytrooper96
(Haven't read it yet.) Sentenced to a year of protecting Midgard, Loki gets helped by his wife Sigyn and kids.
In the Grip of Grace by proantagonist -- not exactly slavery, but Loki has a tracking thing put on him, and ends up having to stay with Thor for a while despite not wanting to, and then it gets worse. Thorki.

Master Stark

Tony Stark is a popular Master character. He's generally shown to be horrified at the slavery mindset, but not good at thinking from that mindset, so he's often caught off guard at Loki's more bizarre behavior (e.g. when Loki doesn't eat for days because he was never specifically given permission to eat).

Sole Master

Loki went directly to Stark, without being slave to anyone else first.

Poetic Justice by Limmet
Odin sentences Loki to slavery under Tony Stark.
Takes 117 chapters to get to the sex. May be some record for Slow Burn, but it's good for carefully establishing a Consensual relationship in what might otherwise be an environment that definitionally cannot be consensual.
Stranded at the drive in by EndlessStairway
Not exactly slavery, but if Loki wants to enjoy sex with Tony, he better be a "good boy" for a whole month. And then another month, for the next time.

Better Than the Last Master

Tony freed Loki from some worse captivity, often involving severe beatings or frequent rape.

Poetic Justice by Limmet
An epic slavefic with a very slow progression (takes 117 chapters to get to the sex!). Loki has his magic bound and is given to Tony; he chose this sentence over the alternative of execution, so he is subdued and keeps reminding himself that if he fusses too much, it'll get worse. He assumes that Tony will treat him like an Asgardian slave, which is to say, no rights, harsh punishments for even accidental missteps -- oh, and being a bedslave isn't out of the question, either. As Tony fumbles his way through being Loki's master, the lack of beatings or rape starts to eat away at Loki, who assumes that Tony is just delaying such payback to make Loki suffer more. Takes a while to convince him that Midgard really isn't like Asgard in this regard.
Cruel and Unusual by YIWT
As with Poetic Justice, but Tony finds a way to get Loki to lighten up about the prospect of punishment -- by getting a paddle and giving him five swats whenever he crosses a line. Eventually, Tony himself accepts swats for some bad behavior (such as breaking promises or coming home too drunk). A rare bird, in that the end game is a nonsexual Platonic friendship between Tony & Loki.
Butterfly by EndlessStairway
Loki has a young daughter, born during his slavery on Jotunheim. He's trained her carefully so she can avoid the worst punishments. When Tony buys/acquires Loki, Loki is desperate to ensure that he isn't forced to leave his daughter behind. (Tony's interactions with her are super cute.)
Tales of Deceit and Grief by Potrix
Another where Loki has a young daughter (roughly 3 years old, mute), born a slave, her fate tied to his. The Asgardians who bring the arrangement to Tony are dicks ("Just to clarify, you're going to kill a child?" "No, two slaves!"), so Tony agrees to take Loki so the kid isn't executed alongside him.
Claimed by Limmet
Tony negotiates a deal with Vanaheim that includes, as kind of a side note, Loki, who's been their slave since Odin's decree. Loki is by now used to endless hard labor and severe beatings if he steps even the least bit out of line. He also starts out with a spell that renders him mute. Not slash.
Tony's Thrall by EndlessStairway
Loki's collar ensures that he can't eat, talk, or stand upright until he activates a mode that only happens when he has fulfilled his duties enough to please his master. The last master set the collar to "sex," so Tony basically has to use Loki for sexual gratification in some manner in order for Loki to do anything more than kneel on the floor waiting for him to understand this. Loki's generally less subdued in this piece, just willing to do what has to be done without being broken by it. (The sequel shows that Odin and Frigga are absolute dicks in this worldbuild.)
The Prince in the Tower by EndlessStairway
Dark!Tony variant of Tony's Thrall -- more hurt, little comfort, plenty of tags for DubCon to NonCon and various types of abuse (I haven't yet read this one, so can't give a better overview).

Dark Master Tony

Dark Avenger: Merchant of Death by SwirlsOfBlueJay
(Haven't read it yet.) Loki sentenced to lifetime slavery; Tony sees potential in him and buys him at auction. Both characters are dark.

Loki as Slavemaster

Somewhat rarer is Loki holding one or more of the Avengers as his personal slaves. This tends to be a darker read of Loki, sometimes very dark.

Spoils of War by Limmet
After conquering the Earth, Loki claims Tony Stark as his personal slave. Because of the arc reactor, as well as Tony's skills and talents putting him far ahead of the other humans. However, Loki's total disconnect from modern human individualist culture leaves him completely incapable of connecting with Tony, since all he does is assert his authority to have Tony as his slave, and punish disobedience harshly; Tony develops depression.
Behind Enemy Lines by Arkada
On Sakaar, Loki (positioning himself toward an ending where he seizes power and gets revenge on the Grandmaster) gets given Tony Stark as a gift. So Tony's a slave, Loki's a different sort of slave, they have sex and then Tony flees while Loki stays behind to enjoy his future plans (with the interesting thought that if he ever does make it back to Midgard, he and Tony might have a bit of a fling).
Spoils and Patience and Respect by chubbychoco
Clint is Loki's slave. Basically just a quick PWP pair.
Till Kingdom Come by neverminetohold
"Cognitive Recalibration" was a ruse, and Clint, in sleeper-agent form, has been waiting for Loki to return to claim him and carry out the next phase of their plan.

Other Punishments

Various ways that Odin has proven to be a dick.

On Asgard

Truth walks in darkness by athalara
Quite possibly the worst: Life imprisonment in a room that will provide basic needs, but will not open again until his heart beats its last. Short and effective setup. And yikes, if there is any better way to drive a prisoner mad, what say a completely white room with no furniture or anything whatsoever to break up the monotony....
If You'd Bite the Hand That Feeds You by LookingForHell
Odin sentences Loki to torture; Tony fervently objects, and Loki is floored (after what I have done, why would anyone object to this sort of payback? ). Eventually, Tony is allowed to hold Loki's leash for a month, to see if he can do better.
Basically, Asgard won't execute prisoners, and can't hold them forever, so they just get progressively more creatively sadistic with their torments, and make the problem worse -- classic mythology, self-fulfilling prophecies and all that. By the end of the fic, Loki is changed, though not precisely reformed.
Threads by peppermintquartz
If Loki tells a lie, his mouth gets magically sewn shut for 20 hours to give him time to reflect on not telling lies. Thor uses much of this time to talk to Loki without getting interrupted (much) (for once). Thor also binds Loki to him, so one cannot die without the other.
Rehabilitation by Izzydragoness [UNFINISHED (2015)]
Odin sentences Loki to be tortured until he's completely broken. And then, apparently, tortured some more. With the caveat that they specifically hide it from Thor. Thor somehow doesn't realize that Loki's been physically tortured, but he works out that Terrified Loki is not acting normal, and decides to drop him off with the Avengers. (I skimmed a few chapters in, and it seems like an interesting tale, although outright character assassination of Odin (sadistic + pointlessly stupid/insane is not a good mix), and it did make it onto this list as many more amateurish fics have not, but it suffers from a severe lack of paragraph breaks.

On Midgard

Walkin' Through This World Alone by Batsutousai
Is there any way to better drive Loki further into madness than to sentence him to a hundred years walking through Midgard with no ability to interact with any other being at all? He's got some sort of "don't pay attention to me" field up. Also, no magic. Personally, he ought to go enjoy the wilderness or something, or simply take up residence as the spook of some giant library, the reason that books constantly end up where they shouldn't. And see if he can interact by writing or not. Anyway, the plot just goes into depression, drug abuse, and attempted suicide, before Loki meets Tom Hiddleston and realizes that he's in another reality, one where his adventures are but a set of films....
Salvation by Winter_Shield
Wait, how about 300 years instead? And Loki's first instinct upon meeting Tom Hiddleston is to attack him. And after that he attacks him some more. And by like the fifth chapter it's turning into something more like a Stephen King horror story and dear god (what's the best way to test magical healing? Torture the poor guy by inflicting various wounds, including Eye Scream. but now that his need to hurt this mortal was satisfied for the next few hours, he almost felt affectionate O.0)

Odin's Less of a Dick

Reasons of State by Cthultystka
"Well, now that Thor's renounced the throne, you get to be King. Unless you want to go back to the dungeons for the rest of your life. Oh, and you better accept all these other stipulations and such; you really don't have much choice."
Okay, technically, it's better than it sounds. Also, pretty short, and Odin's not as much of a dick as he often is in these fics. Does show some fatherly affection, tempered by irritation and not having a lot of choices anymore.

Slavery on Sakaar

While slavery as a legal punishment is interesting, there's also times when Loki is stuck as a slave for other reasons. One big minefield to explore is the slave planet Sakaar.

Lemme Smash by jessalae
The Grandmaster requires Loki to service the Hulk.
please don't hurt yourself. by DictionaryWrites
A far more disturbing variant, though the story closes before the sex starts. This is Loki terrified, and the Grandmaster forcing him to accept having sex with the Hulk, and Loki not being able to do anything about it. It's adept at capturing that emotion.
The author marked this with Coercion, Manipulation, and Extremely Dubious Consent, but I don't see anything dubious about this setup. Loki says no repeatedly (I don't, I can't, I'll do anything else, I can't, I can't, no, I can't bear it, etc.) in roughly the strongest terms he can use when dealing with the Grandmaster, and the Grandmaster overrides his will completely, including using magical compulsion at the end. When the guy in charge can kill you on a whim and is making it pretty clear (through implication) that if you don't play nice he won't either, there is no room for consent in a setup like that. (I love setups like that, but let's just be clear.)
cast me down where the devil don't go and the Where the Devil Don't Go series by Lise
Fleeing the revolt on Sakaar, the Grandmaster happened across Loki, and is not pleased. Later on, Thor finally runs into them, and bargains to get his brother back, but Loki's a bit worse for wear.
Lost and Found by Thorkified
Twelve-year-old Loki found out about his heritage by overhearing his parents fight; in distress, he ran away, and got caught by the Grandmaster, who raised him as a sex slave. When Thor finally locates him... well, it's not pretty, or easy to solve.
A Warm Place and the Resurfacing series by Cthultystka
Thor left Loki as in Ragnarok, but Loki never escaped -- the Grandmaster turned him into a near-mindless sex slave. When the Avengers come to rescue him, he's all but unrecognizable. We do get to see Wanda, Vision, etc. interact with him, and respond to Thor's previous actions. An interesting detail is that all the things that Thor says in an attempt to be comforting are turned by Loki's mind into memories of Thor saying or doing something that makes his assurances a lie. E.g. “You think I'm gonna just turn around and leave you like that?” brings to mind being left helpless with the shock disc torturing him for hours.

AU Slavery Fics

Lastly, here are the fics where Loki was a slave to begin with, or is captured as a slave through other means.

Fairy Tales Don't Exist by DollEyedExistence
(Sadly, this fic has just an intro and was never written up to any length. But the idea was Loki as a slave fairy (human-sized), I think, and Tony planning to take down the whole institution of slavery for fairies.)
Antidote and the Poison Prince series by novembermond
Thor has Loki as a war prize, as exchanged for the Casket by Laufey himself. Loki's magic is locked behind chains, and there's a spell that will make Thor his master if Thor rapes him. “I know what your kind does to captured enemies. It’s vile.” “Listen, it’s going to happen no matter what. All you can do is making it more or less painful for yourself.”
Final Contracts by Prince_Ofluff
Loki is demon; Thor bargains his life and soul for an end to this endless war. Pretty quick and straightforward, as such things go.
the breaking light by maharlika
Thorki, Intersex Loki. Loki's been broken as a sex slave (on Sakaar, by the Grandmaster), then he's gifted to Thor, a long-ago lover before the war started. Also, when they give him to Thor, they drug him with arousal drugs. Loki's deeply screwed up in the head, and Thor has to fight with his own protective instincts in order to help bring him out of it. (Skimmed it.)
Blue Box of Mischief by ManipLoki
This one gets dark with mind control and torture, as the slavers train Loki to obey and then, just when it looks like he might have a chance at escaping, use a collar that rewires part of his seidr, roughly like rewriting his brain (though the distinction is a plot point -- and the first time I've ever seen Loki's lack of magic to be an asset). Deliciously twisted AU of what could've happened in the Void.