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My main fandoms are Person of Interest and the Marvel Cinematic Universe; this page goes over anything I've written for other fandoms.

I write Intense Drama and Deep Intimacy. (Intimacy of the nonsexual kind, I mean; only about 10% of my fics involve sexuality or Ships of any kind.) My alt-fandom pieces, though, tend to focus more on the intimacy than on the drama; they're mostly variations on the Five Moments of (Nonsexual) Intimacy fic form.

(Also, I update sporadically and flit around among many projects, so it might take months for a given fic to update, and my alt-fandom fics get even less attention than that. If you're particularly bothered by that, best find a different author.)

Another excellent chapter. One can't lose with your fics. You always manage to bring a new element to everything you produce.
Now… how long are we gonna have to wait again???
A note on fan comments

I've tried to condense/reword the comments I've gotten in a way that preserves the original meaning/feel. That might mean fixing a typo, altering the punctuation a bit, or rearranging elements of a larger comment (or set of comments by the same reader on the same fic).

All comments on this page are from my main site, AO3.

Also: I've got a bit of a reputation in the AO3 comments section. As encapsulated by the following fan comics: Doctor Zaniida and Types of Readers: (1) Angst Addicts, (2) Slash Addicts, and (3) Zaniida.

I have a liberal Blanket Policy—I'm never stingy with my ideas, and I love seeing others build off them! If anything here strikes your fancy, feel free to create something based on it. Exceptions would include group projects (Unseen Things and Everybody Wants Finch), since I can't give blanket permission for work I'm not fully in charge of, and A Room with Five Fans.

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Minor Fandoms

Besides my primary fandoms (POI and MCU), a handful of minor fandoms are ones I plan to visit a few times. These include Welcome to Night Vale, Slayers, ElfQuest, Recettear, and Octodad.

These projects are still low priority, but I have plans for multiple pieces in each fandom that may or may not ever materialize.

(I also have a Stardew Valley Let's Play series, and plans to remake it from the ground up now that I've gotten into modding.)

Welcome to Night Vale

I have plans for a handful of fics, along with at least one more podfic (should I ever get around to it). I'm not caught up on the series (though I'm more than a hundred episodes in), but I've quite enjoyed it, and relistened to it a lot, and I've learned a lot from the fandom. One of my favorite fanfics across all fandoms comes from WtNV.


I'm not sure what I thought of Kevin before realizing that he was basically brainwashed into his role. Then I started reading a ton of fics that capitalized on that feel, and… yow. All the feels I'm after, distilled into a very small package! Those who enjoy the MCU's Bucky (or Loki, under certain interpretations) might well enjoy this side of Kevin.

Removing Kevin's capacity for intimacy [500]

In converting him into their puppet, they've removed key portions of his humanity, and he can't even remember why that's important.

Content Warnings
Gore, trauma, brainwashing/mind manipulation, body horror (sorta)
Five Moments Lost
Fan Comment
Oh man, the smiiiiiile, imagining that and the strain often in Kevin's voice, excellently creepy!
They're about to break down the door… [acted podfic]

Kevin's last moments before Strex takes him down. He's a radio host to the very last.

By "acted podfic" I mean that it's not just me reading a story; I actually played it like a scene, complete with background sound effects and plenty of emotion in my voice. Also, the original fic is a lot more gory than my take, chiefly because mine merely implies what Kevin is seeing (and stops short of the ending). Be warned!

Content Warnings
Implications that Very Bad Things happen, but most are
Last Broadcast
Original Fic
Sing, Little Hummingbird by kittleimp (much worse than mine)
Fan Comment
Excellent work, now please excuse me while I sob


Then there's our resident scientist and his adorable dorkiness. (Which brings me to a recommendation: Carlos, Kevin, and Cecil: Welcome to Night Vale, a cosplay video where Carlos's experiments cause mayhem and the actors have way too much fun pretending to go after each other with knives.)

Upcoming Carlos-related projects: a short fic and a lengthy podfic. Neither of which are likely to show up anytime soon.

Better make a list… [300]

Things that the citizens of Night Vale take for granted and Carlos is starting to wonder about.

This one's kinda weird: Basically I've been going back through the early episodes and listening to them with Carlos-colored glasses on, trying to pick out what he'd pick up on while hearing the show, and how he'd categorize it. What sort of questions he'd ask.

It's been an interesting exercise, it's just that, despite its short length, it's highly time-consuming to create. I literally cannot do anything else while trying to pay attention to the content. With just about any other project, anything I need to listen to or watch or remind myself of, I can multitask, but not this one! Any time my mind wanders, I completely lose sight of the main reason I'm listening to the content. (Maybe I should do it while sorting laundry.)

Content Warnings
You might not be able to listen to certain scenes again without some disturbing thoughts. More than usual for the series, I mean.
Things to Get Used to in Night Vale: A List
Fan Comment
That reminder is cute, and very scientific of him 😊


ElfQuest was the first comic that really spoke to me; I owe the Pinis much for creating such a masterpiece. Not only did it form the backbone of my artistic style, not only did it convince me to turn every possible college assignment (from art to poetry to Japanese homework to coding assignments and databases) into elves, but it also informed my sense of characterization and worldbuilding and inspired a variety of fledgling stories of my own -- both fancomic ideas that never saw form, and my own attempt at a comic of similar grain. I still love returning to that world, and getting a fresh set of their books from a friend was a welcome surprise.

I do have rants about how the final portion of the tale undid some significant pieces of the story that I grew up on, but I'm not nearly as salty about it as I am about the MCU. Maybe someday my internal rants will make it to a blog post or two.

As far as fics, I have plans for a few more short pieces, though nothing that substantial. Maybe some fan art, eventually; like I said, EQ totally informed my artistic style.

Rayek considers his connection to Cutte [1k]

Ways in which Rayek and Cutter touched each other, and what it means to Rayek in retrospect.

Rayek has long been my favorite character, although he drives me mad sometimes with his inability to abide by certain standards of ethical behavior.

Volition vs. Domination

Rayek's key flaw is that he cannot seem to value the free-will choices of others over his own "I know better" attitude.

This is the flaw that drives so much of his action up until the Key Moment (end of The Kings of the Broken Wheel), where you'd think he'd have finally broken free of that mindset. But no, it shows up again later, again and again. (It's also present in the flashback story about his childhood with Leetah.)

Given that this flaw shows up in other villains and in some non-villainous characters who briefly act against others (Lord Voll, Surge, Kahvi, some of the early Chiefs, even Cutter), and that free choice is emphasized in the very first quest, I think Wendy was trying to point out a key Virtue and Vice of the EQ universe:

It is Right to respect the Volition of others, even if you disagree with their decisions.

It is Wrong to force others to bow to your will (dominate). As discussed here.

Exceptions for certain amounts of legitimate authority; there's a certain amount of animal instinct in the intra-tribal battles between the chief and his followers, but for the most part this is treated as a necessary and positive thing. If you don't like being under the authority of the chief, you leave. And there are times when a chief has gone off his rocker and forces the tribe to do something that the tribe sees as wrong; that's when the boundaries of authority and loyalty are called into question.

I once read some early script for the ElfQuest movie, and it turned Rayek into a basic power-hungry villain, the kind we've seen in a thousand guises across countless movies before. But that's not the type of villain that Rayek is. He hungers for power, certainly, but it's not the power of domination, it's the power to meet his full potential, and to benefit his people; he just goes about that the wrong way. He's full of approbation lust and prejudice, and he finds it hard to back down, but he's still a highly nuanced and compelling character who's more often an antagonist than a villain. (Which makes his acts of villainy all the worse.)

Still, when Rayek's not acting like an ass, he's quite the compelling character, and I'm glad to start my (hypothetical) ElfQuest collection with a piece from his point of view.

Content Warnings
Rayek imagines what would have happened if Cutter had died on the Bridge of Destiny.
Touched by the Wolf Chief
Fan Comment
Rayek's an interesting character, in that he's originally an antagonist but not exactly a villain, and for the rest of the series (the parts I've read) he wanders back and forth over the line between ally-we-don't-always-see-eye-to-eye-with and wait-he's-gone-off-the-deep-end-again. Which is to say, he grows and learns in some ways, and he has some redeeming qualities, but he never quite grows out of his big central flaw and everything that comes from it.

I couldn't have said it better myself.

Madcoil [cover song]

The filk song about the cat-snake-beast that destroyed half the tribe before the story began. (Yes, I know it's technically called Nightcrawler, but I figured that would be confusing to my normal audience (on account of them being MCU fans), and "Madcoil" better expresses the idea if you know nothing of the original context.)

I sung this one in the shower enough that I went off in a whole different style. Can't say that the singing's all that good, but I like how it turned out, more or less. I could see singing this one in public if I ever ended up famous enough to have strangers/fans ask me to sing one of my cover songs.

Content Warnings
Fan Comment
Oo, I like the style choice here—it wouldn't have occurred to me to do it that way, but the soft/sweet rendition is effectively creepy and a good match for your voice.


So, this is the one series that started outside of any normal fic context. It started as a YouTube comment.

Are you familiar with the concept of Kayfabe? It's a term for how fans of a specific type of media (pro wrestling) participate in maintaining the illusion that it's real. (Like Santa Claus! Everybody plays along.)

Well, there's a similar "maintain the illusion" effect in a few other corners of fandom, and one of them I've noticed is in the fandom for Octodad: Dadliest Catch. See, for example, this comment:

The song is completely inaccurate in every way. All I'm seeing is a normal everyday dad making burgers; there's no "Octodad" anywhere.

And my reply:

Near as I can tell, "Octodad" just refers to him having a lot of kids? Or maybe something about being the eighth guy in a long line of people with the same name, I dunno. S'weird.

Having seen similar comments on a few Octodad vids, I began naming my videos (of me and/or my niephlings playing the game) variations on "Dad vs. Freezer Section" and "Dude Gets Entangled"; the series itself eventually got called Some Random Dad Doing Things.

Then I ended up making a mini-fic in the comments section, which eventually made it to AO3 as the first installment in this series. Which I've now written a second fic for, and would kinda like to write a couple more for, eventually.

My neighbor's sweet but a bit quirky [1k series (2 fics)]

See Octodad's antics from the point of view of a local woman who has no reason to think anything's amiss.

I don't think I'll ever give the neighbor a name, or any personality other than being generally positive and accepting and totally oblivious to the implications of what she's seeing. I rather like having a characterized non-character as a host for these tales 😊

Content Warnings
Quirky Neighborhood Dad
First Fic
Some Random Neighbor
My Quirky Neighbor's Daddy-Daughter Moments
Fan Comment
This is absolutely adorable. Very well done. And it is always nice to have a outside POV fic.


Out of all the anime I've watched over the years, Slayers is the one that has stuck with me the longest. And I have plans! Technically, I was just gearing up to write a major Slayers fanfic, right before I joined AO3, and I got derailed when a friend recommended a fic in a fandom that I hadn't yet encountered and so I got roped into the Person of Interest fandom, and later into the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and so I haven't really had time to devote to this piece just yet, but it's very much something I want to write and have wanted to write for a long time.

In the meantime, though, I decided to start the other piece that I'd been noodling around with, which is based on a fairly old fic that has stuck with me as a concept I wanted to build upon. So I've got a chapter of that up, with more to come (eventually).

As for my favorite characters? To the surprise of no one who knows me, they're Xellos (the trickster demon-priest) and Zelgadis (the mopey loner). Who both feature in this piece:

Order me not to flee [4k]

Xellos comes to Zelgadis in a mood more inscrutible than usual, with a problem and a plan, neither of which Zelgadis is likely to appreciate.

The fic I based my on leaned heavily on the comedy side; I lean heavily on the drama side (as is pretty normal for me).

Content Warnings
Xellos reveals that he's been ordered to find a way to turn Lina into a Mazoku agent
Inspired by
Bind by Irk (sadly, the site appears to have gone down)
Fan Comment
Oh wow! What a fantastic start!

I've got like three chapters rough-drafted, but I'm stuck on a piece of the next chapter that is simply not coming together, so I give it another shot now and then, realize I'm still blocked, and go do something else.

I miss having a steady beta reader. We fixed these problems so much more quickly and consistently than me trying to do it on my own.


A young girl with a sunny yet naive outlook on life (and a penchant for sweets and sleeping in) gets strongarmed into paying back her missing-presumed-dead father's loans by turning her home into an item shop. Very shortly she's learning the basics of the free market, befriending adventurers, and finding out that the world is not quite what she expected it to be. But she's going to meet the challenge with gumption! Capitalism, ho!

Recettear is an utterly delightful game that has everything going for it: A fun focus for the gameplay, an interesting premise for the plot, a passel of colorful characters, great graphics, a polished control scheme, cheeky item descriptions, various forms of parody, and a translation/localization that most imported games can only dream of. I would cheerfully recommend this game to anyone capable of holding a controller.

So why the gosh-darned heck has it gotten so little fandom love?

Seventeen fics? That's it??

Lemme start by saying that I don't want to shame anyone for writing kinkfic. I stand by YKINMKATO and Don't Like? Don't Read. My problem here is not with the existence of these kinkfic, or even the fact that they involve underage Ships.

But the two significant Recettear fics on AO3 are 25,000 words of kink, and 12,000 words of a different kind of kink, respectively. (From the tags, I take it the second one is pretty tame, but it's still kinkfic.)

There's a fusion series in Russian (35,000 words across eight fics) combining Recettear with Harry Potter, and it makes me wish I could read enough Russian to parse a text. And there's one more crossover, from a series I'm not familiar with (Landstalker).

The other five, the ones that aren't crossovers or kink, add up to a mere 6705 words (average: ~1300 words each).

In other words: For an adorable game about a sunny, naive girl doing her best to live up to her responsibilities and make friends and make everyone's lives better while exploring this new and somewhat scary world she's been thrust into, there's only five (5) fics that aren't crossovers or kink (or mine). Oh, and I'm the only one to have used any Friendship tags.

So yes: The idea that this fandom lacks Friendship / Found Family fics is enough to give me an eye twitch. Recettear is an utterly delightful game with utterly delightful characters, and it's a crying shame that so few of its players have shown it the kind of fandom love that it deserves.

Anyway! My first effort to correct this issue:

Casual encounters with the adventurers [1k]

Recette spends some time with five of her new adventurer friends, outside the normal dungeon and store encounters.

Content Warnings
This is probably the most wholesome and least traumatizing fic I will ever write of any significant length. Maybe use it as a fluffy blanket for when you get traumatized by my normal stuff.
Five Moments of Friendship
Fan Comment
I don't understand why Recettear doesn't have more fics! There is such potential here that is being wasted!

Thank you for writing this; maybe it will shine light for people who still enjoy the game to write something too.

Also, it's down in the Other Media section, but I do have a significant video Let's Play series called A Fugitive in Stardew Valley. It's a Let's Play in the original sense: Not just recorded gameplay, but game footage turned into a whole new story about why the main character is in the valley and what all's going on. I'm planning to reboot it shortly (now that I've gotten a good set of mods and can better capture what I intended to portray), but in the meantime, the original series does have episode transcripts up on AO3.

Five Moments of (Nonsexual) Intimacy

Beyond the Minor Fandoms, I also have a bunch of one-shot FMI fics spread across a variety of fandoms. These fics focus on moments of connection between characters who (for the most part) have no sexual or romantic interest in each other -- moments of friendship, family, and shared humanity.

Fandoms here include Stardew Valley (since there's only the one fic so far, aside from the video series), My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic (which I might end up writing a couple more entries for), Star Trek, M*A*S*H, Disney's Recess, Neil Gaiman's The Sandman, and the SCP Foundation.

I'm also including links to my Original Work that demonstrates the FMI fic form outside its usual fandom context.


These generally aren't long -- I tend to work with Pagefics (one page per chapter) or similar constraints -- but they're low-priority and thus likely to see updates maybe every other blue moon.

Star Trek: Outsider characters, one scene per series [1k]

For each series, a pair of outsider characters connect.

My favorite characters in Star Trek (and many other shows, but ST in particular) have always been the fish out of water, the characters who can view humanity from odd perspectives: Spock, Data, Odo, the Doc, Kes, 7/9, Garak (also Bashir, who was outsider in a different way). It actually bugs me that the captain is Always Human.

For this piece, I chose the normal outsider character and paired them with a different, less prominent outsider character, and then tried to figure out any common qualities or connection or contrast I could make.

Content Warnings
Moments Like Stardust
“The way I talk, people don’t take me seriously,” he slurs. “I’m not skilled at writing, either. No one’s going to listen to what I know, or carry it into the future. But as a storyteller…” A slow grin spreads across his face. “I can plant ideas. And long after I’m forgotten, maybe those ideas will carry on and spread out and become what people know of Russia.”

I haven't watched much of Enterprise, so I had to depict Hoshi Sato and the doc from the bits I understood about them and some browsing of wikis and YouTube clips. Hope I didn't do too badly.

A rant about ethics in Enterprise

I watch a lot of reviews of shows and episode I haven't actually seen. My favorite reviewer for Star Trek is sfdebris (although I do also enjoy the written rundowns of Voyager by Reviewboy on Delta Blues). He brings some crucial perspective to the events within a given episode (along with a bevy of running gags, like Janeway taking advice from the imaginary spider on her shoulder).

And for Dear Doctor, the episode where the show declared that genocide was laudable, sfdebris doesn't pull any punches.

Near as I can tell from the review and from other things I've read about this episode, "Doctor" Phlox holds a religious belief in, as sfdebris terms it, evolutionary predestination. (A religious belief being a belief that is deeply held and informs your whole worldview, but for which you have no concrete evidence.) That is, the doctor believes that if a group of people has a genetic ailment, it is unethical to interfere with evolution's "plan" for their extinction, more so if the death of the one group would allow another group to prosper.

It's a bit like the Trolley Problem, if analyzed by eugenecists.

The thing is, just from a surface understanding of the problem, I have to wonder why they didn't make some sort of plan to, y'know, provide a way for both races to survive... like relocating one of the groups to a different world. Apparently Phlox thinks that it's better to let half a planet die than to hunt for a solution that allows everyone to continue living in relative harmony.

This is what makes me glad that I never got sucked into Enterprise: Phlox is clearly the character I would have found myself drawn to, and getting invested in the show only to find him advocating genocide (in a way that the show portrays as "righteous") would have been even more appalling had I cared about the character at the time.

MLP:FIM: One day per friend [1k]

Twilight decides to spend a day getting to know each of her new friends.

She maybe didn't think this through.

It's been a while since I was watching the show, but I'd wanted this to be one of my first alt-fandom FMI pieces, on account of the abbreviations (FIM + FMI). The timing didn't quite work, but I'm glad it got started the same year I hosted my first FMI writing event, August Intimacy.

Content Warnings
Canon-typical shenanigans
Five Moments of Friendship Is Magic
“See, if anypony needed help and nopony paid attention, they’d be stressed instead of happy, right? So every week I check in on everypony and make sure that they have whatever they need. Since I know everypony in town, I know what each pony can do, and since I know what each pony can do, if one of them needs help then I know who to ask! Because it would break my heart if there was an easy solution to the problem and it didn’t happen just because they didn’t know who to go to for help!”

“That’s… surprisingly logical,” Twilight admits. In fact, the more she talks with Pinkie, the more she finds that there’s an underlying rationality to her behavior—well, most of the time. Some of the weirdness they’ve been through today seems beyond explanation, but, on the whole, she’d expected Pinkie to be far more scatterbrained than she turns out to be.

And a bit more self-centered, to be honest; she’d expected Pinkie to be focused mostly on her own enjoyment, but it turns out that she takes her role quite seriously. Even if that means running off to arrange a welcoming party for a newcomer before even getting to know her.
Stardew Valley: Five underappreciated characters [1k]

Double-Drabble sections (with two-word titles) about the main character meeting five outlier characters.

I'm still a bit annoyed that you can't marry Clint.

Anyway, this is characters getting to know the (narrative-viewpoint) main character over time, and being able to open up to them and find connection. It's not gonna be all sweet and uplifting, but I expect an optimistic ending (eventually).

Content Warnings
I have some darker topics planned for the second or third chapter, including possibly miscarriage.
Five Friendships in the Valley
But when you try to pay, the guy behind the counter pushes your money back toward you with a smile and a shake of his head.

“Use that to buy some seeds,” he says, “and start that farm up right. A little extra now can make a big difference, come autumn.”

The unexpected generosity brings tears to your eyes, and as you savor the nostalgic treat you promise yourself to pay him back somehow… come autumn.


And these are generally short pieces that just range around through some of my old favorites.

Disney's Recess: Menlo remembers TJ [1k]

Menlo feels nostalgic as he watched TJ playing with his new friends, and recalls the friendship that they used to share.

In one episode, it gets revealed that TJ and Menlo used to be the best of friends. (It's also an episode where TJ displays great loyalty and honor: "A promise is a promise!") Since I've always felt a kinship with Menlo, it was nice to see him given an episode where he comes across as human, historied, and positive, rather than merely an annoying antagonist.

Content Warnings
Canon-typical childhood traumas
Five Wistful Memories
Fan Comments
I like how, from the get-go, Menlo's feeling the bittersweet nostalgia of having grown apart from someone with whom he was once so close. You can really feel that.
Damn. That was beautiful. Menlo is actually one of my favorite characters; I liked the little tidbit about TJ and Menlo previously being friends. Thought it was interesting and gave some depth to the studious bespectacled boy. Probably a good thing that this was bittersweet, sometimes you have to let go.
M*A*S*H: Sidney Freedman connects with five characters [500]

Again, this puts a focus on characters other than the most prominent.

My favorite characters are Winchester, Sidney, Mulcahy, Klinger, and Radar, in that order (more or less). Not that I didn't enjoy many other characters, but those ones stand out to me. And I think the best thing that ever happened to the series was the cast switch, allowing the characters to evolve from comic relief to heartfelt connection (without losing the comedy). Winchester is layered and nuanced in a way that Burns never was. BJ feels real to me in a way that Trapper never did. And Potter feels like a guy who could actually run a place this messed-up, whereas Blake seems like the kinda guy who would never have been promoted to that kind of position. Even Margaret Houlihan was allowed to evolve once Burns was out of the picture.

One of the fandom exchanges I participated in had M*A*S*H as a possible choice, and I got all excited until I found out that the only pairing options were Hawkeye/someone and Margaret/someone. Like, okay, Hawkeye's the main character, fine, but… that same exchange had like twenty possible crack-pairing ships for Revolutionary Girl Utena, and they certainly didn't stick by the main characters. I'm still a bit miffed over that letdown.

Content Warnings
Some of the characters bring up some big topics, and you might need to bring tissues.
Little Wartime Intimacies
Fan Comment
Nice to see a fic not focused on sex. These characters have so much depth to go into without it. Loved this!

I made Sidney Freedman and Father Mulcahy as Sims 3 sims, but unfortunately my CC is buggy and I need to do a fresh install and remake everyone from scratch. Which I don't have time for right now. But it's quite fun to see Sidney enjoying himself in my personal Sims 3 runs 😊

SCP Foundation: Five people bound together and kept apart [1k]

Agents discuss how to deal with a group whose scips prevent other people from getting near them.

This isn't within the SCP fandom as far as any recognizable characters or groups of interest; it's just set within that worldbuild, using the general idea of how to handle this kind of retrieval.

Content Warnings
Some of the details and implications get really dark, including suicide, self-surgery, and animal abuse.
Bracelets of Intimacy +5
Fan Comment
This fic is amazing! It starts off okayish, and then as the conversation goes on and new detals are added, the slow build up of creepiness, it's disturbing, makes you slightly uneasy. I loved it so much!! Exactly the right level of creepy. Just what I needed to start off October.
The Sandman: His siblings send him dreamers [1k]

Each of the siblings (minus Destruction) sends Morpheus a dreamer, and he deals with them in various appropriate ways.

Content Warnings
Deals with some sensitive topics, including despair (naturally), adjusting to new disability, and gender identity.
The Intimacy of Dreams
Fan Comment
That last one made me cry. It was just so beautiful, Z.

I'm not sure, but this might be the first fic I've posted with gender-neutral pronouns. I do explore gender concepts in a lot of my work, but I'm kinda feeling my way around when it comes to evading the way that language enforces a gender binary. I also have a piece called Costumes that depicts a canonically masculine character in an ambiguously genderqueer way by not using pronouns; that was quite the challenge to write with natural-sounding language!

In addition, I've posted two Original Works so far, demonstrating that the FMI fic form works even outside a normal fandom context and, crucially, without any sexual or romantic implications. One demonstrates the full form in short, while another focuses on Physical Intimacy.

A sock gets reunited with her sister [300]

Yes, this is a tale from the point of view of a pair of socks.

If you read between the lines: They're being used as mittens so their owner can build a mermaid out of snow.

Content Warnings
Nothing much?
Socks and Snowmaids
Fan Comment
What a sweet, charming little story! Damn, you have no idea how jealous I am that you can not only write beautifully, you can write SHORT. KUDOS and MORE KUDOS!
Mama Stella comes over to check the kids' hair [1k]

Latchkey kids + exuberant motherly neighbor, in the 80's, with a bottle of lice shampoo.

This is my first delve into an original story I've been working on for a long time, just some backstory for some of the characters. I'm hoping to maybe upload a handful of more fics, going over the other four categories of nonsexual intimacy. (I've also been exploring the family dynamics using a few Sims 3 runs, which has been interesting.)

Content Warnings
Child neglect, and various implications thereof.
Cleaning Mode
Fan Comment
You made me cry AGAIN because I feel so bad for these two kids

Amateur Hour

Then there's the fics I wrote some twenty years ago. I've let a few of these slip into my AO3 out of a sense of history and comparison. And, well, the fics are bad, but not horribad, I don't think. So if you'd care to see what I was writing in college, well, here you go:

The Hunchback of Notre Dame (Disney)

This was my first actual fandom, back in the day.


Content Warnings
Clopin's Illness
Fan Comment
A gypsy boy comes to work for Frollo [2k]

Possibly the most amateur-fanfic-hour ideas out of all my Amateur Hour. Kinda interesting in that respect.

Content Warnings
Freedom Perishing
Frollo hurried on to read the letter, and at once his eyes grew wide and his face white. The gypsy seemed moderately pleased by the reaction.

Staring at his visitor in something approaching trepidation, Frollo asked incredulously, "It is true?"

"Would I be here were it not?" he replied, enunciating each word.

"No… no…" mused Frollo in clear, if unexplained, distress. "Come inside," he barked sharply, then turned without even assuring himself that his visitor followed. With narrowed eyes, the gypsy entered the Palace.

TMNT (1987 cartoon): Leonardo + angst [3k]

Content Warnings
Leonardo's Fears
FFN version
Fan Comment
Really well done! Poor angsty Leo is so up in his own head that it's affecting him….
Exile/Avernum: A bickering six-person team [5k]

A group of strangers try to figure out how best to go about their first days under the surface.

I used to love Exile, back when it actually worked on my computer. Great RPG with oldschool aesthetics, enormous and detailed worldbuilding, and the best Shareware Demon I have yet to encounter. And one of the key features that made my day was the chance to develop a team of six whole characters, fully customizable.

I can't think of another game that allows six characters in the same party at the same time, let alone one where you got to customize those characters. The most I can recall is five (Final Fantasy IV). And the thing is, a four-character team is basically the Tank, the Healer, the Wizard, and the Rogue/Archer. A five-character team lets you have a Tank, a Healer, and a Wizard, with two characters to spec into Archer, Rogue, Lancer, or Hybrid Mage. It's fairly limiting, if you want to include all the basics.

But a six-character team? Tank, Healer, Wizard, Rogue, Archer, and you still have an extra character to play with. I did runs with a Lancer, or with an even split between magic-users and not, or where some of the front-row fighters had a few points in healing or magecraft. I did runs where the sixth character was specced into all the non-combat skills (I forget the terms, but search/perception, cavelore, lockpicking, first aid, etc.). I did runs where the sixth character was a pacifist, unable to raise a hand in combat, and it didn't handicap my team to any noticeable degree.

And then they brought the game to Steam, under the name Avernum, and I was elated… briefly. Then I realized that they'd (a) added a compulsory hand-holding tutorial, (b) drastically reduced the amount of fine-tuning I could do with character stats, and (c) reduced the team to four members tops.

Also got Phil Foglio on board for art, so it's not like I can complain too much 😋

But anyway, this piece was written well before the Steam port, so only the name refers to that. And I guess this is a good example of the type of writing I did twenty-odd years ago when trying to come up with my own characters, rather than craft stories around the characters of others. (Or, more to the point: In most of my fanfics, I borrow the characters; in this fanfic, I borrowed the worldbuild.)

Content Warnings
Six-Character Teams Are Awesome
"A thief, like I," he said, putting a hand delicately to his chest as if prouder of that than of anything else he could ever have or do, "steals things. A crook deceives and tricks people into acting against their best interests. I'm not at all like a crook. And Koshoa thinks worse of me than that—I'm sure he thinks I might murder, rape, destroy, pillage, and commit all sorts of other atrocities. I'm not that kind of person—that's why I ended up here instead of being sent first class to the afterlife."

"You disgust me," said Ada with drawn brows.

Raising his eyes heavenward, Ner gave a comical sigh. "I've never gotten on well with redheads. Some flaw in their genes, I'll warrant."

I'm pretty sure I based Ner on Silk from The Belgariad.

Odds and Ends

Lastly, anything that doesn't fit into the above categories.

Random Fandoms

CATS: Old musings [1k]

Some years back, I had been vaguely playing out a whole CATS AU in my head; this is what's left in my notes.

The first chapter is just a little snippet of what might've been; the second is a rundown from my notes of how I would've played the characters. I kinda wanted to get that all posted before I went and saw the new version of the show, so as to ensure that my mind could treat the characters as two variations, not infect the old versions with the new interpretations.

Also, somewhere along the way, I ran into a behind-the-scenes tidbit: The cast are given only three words around which to build the character. Grizabella, for example, is described as "Proud, Hurt, Indomitable," while one variation of Rumpleteazer is described as "Naughty, Impressionable, Effervescent." This is quite an intriguing way to characterize. Also, I'm still annoyed that they gave the role of motherly, fastidious, homemaker Jennyanydots to Rebel Wilson, who seems practically the opposite; I can't help but think that they did this entirely because of her size.

Content Warnings
Worries (an old snippet of a tale)
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Some interesting sketches here! I particularly like your take on Skimbleshanks—I've found him a bit trickier to get into so it's appreciated!
Pitch Meeting: Pixar x assassin x revenge x bugs [300]

I was once contemplating the spider egg sac I'd just squashed, and came up with this idea.

Content Warnings
The idea might make you feel uncomfortable in your own home.
"Finding Nemo meets John Wick"
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I'd watch the hell out of that


POI crosses over with MCU, Avengers, Fandom RPF, HP, Iron Man, Thor, Criminal Minds That's the September Plot Bunny Purge, Five Fans, my videos (July Prompt 2020), Retrospective: Fire, July Prompt 2019 (Thor) The Avengers one is Fledgling Avengers Marvel minus POI is only Thor/Avengers/Spider-Man MCU/POI is HP, Iron Man -- that's the videos July Prompt 2020

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Dom Juan: The Nerve to Speak:

Other Media

I've also recorded a few podfics, posted a handful of pieces of fan art, posted some fanvids and other videos, and a few random things that aren't any of the normal things. Here's a rundown of them.


I've posted a handful of podfics for Person of Interest, as well as at least one for Marvel, and I've got a Welcome to Night Vale piece in the works (but don't expect to see it any time soon). I'd also like to create at least one podfic for The Mellon Chronicles, a series that was formative in my early fandom years (including my love of Whump), and, if I can manage it, also part of a Snapefic called Bittersweet by Dazzleberry.

No idea when/if any alt-fandom podfics might happen, but if I do end up making one, I expect to post a link here.


I don't post much on my DeviantArt account, but there's a bit of stuff there, including some art and some short stories and poetry. Before getting a Pillowfort account, it was the easiest way for me to post pics that could show up on AO3, but Pillowfort turns out to be a lot faster and easier (when the site's not down).

As far as fandom-related art, though, so far it's all POI and MCU (my main two fandoms). Not much to see if you're not into those. (Not much to see even if you are. Art isn't high on my list of creative output at the moment.)


I've created over a dozen Sims 3 sims, and posted them on the Sims Exchange. Unfortunately, it turns out that I have buggy CC, so all my sims are infected with buggy content. Nice to look at, possibly not great to download and add to your own game. Feel free to recreate them! I'm afraid I haven't the time to disinfect my system and fully recreate the characters right now. But here are the two pieces that include links, plus some preview pics:

  1. July Prompt 2019: Push Outside Your Comfort Zone
  2. Monthly Birthday Prompts for 2019
  3. YouTube preview (just shows my versions of the main cast)
  4. Reese pillow fights
  5. Reese learns martial arts (pathetically)

Again, the Sims I made are buggy! If you choose to add them to your collection, be sure you know what you are doing; download at your own risk!