To My YouTube Fans

…it still feels kinda pretentious to say "fans" like that. Anyway, to those who enjoy my work!

Channel Warnings

My YouTube channel is not a babysitter, but it's primarily a Family-Friendly channel. The bulk of my channel is kid-friendly (it's mostly Minecraft clips), but if your kid is pretty young, they shouldn't be watching my channel without supervision. Some content to watch out for:

Dead by Daylight
This game is the goriest on my channel. I've tried to mark all clips from that game with bracketed warnings based on what's in the clip: [GORY] or [SCARY] or the like. However, there is no verbal warning for the content.
Generally speaking, content I upload during October is somewhat more likely to be creepy, scary, gory, or otherwise unsuitable for younger viewers. I have been considering whether to mark them as adult-only vids, but I don't think they're bad for teens.
7 Days to Die and Left 4 Dead
While tamer than Dead by Daylight, they're still games set in the Zombie Apocalypse, and they contain gory combat, as well as guns, alcohol, pills, occasional references to sexual or otherwise inappropriate material, and the like. Discretion advised and all that.
Saints Row
The Saints Row series is in the Crime Boss Simulator genre, and contains a lot of mature content (including swearing, references to sexuality and drugs, crime, cop killing, etc.). Not suitable for young children. Still a pretty hilarious game, at least the fourth one.
In addition, my character in Saints Row IV deliberately bends gender stereotypes: a female body, goatee, up-pitched male voice, mixed clothing, etc. If this is an issue for you, just don't let your kids watch those videos. I happen to think the blending of stereotypes is one of the more hilarious possibilities in that game, so.
Person of Interest
This show is aimed at an adult audience, and deals with vigilantes and guns and such. One of my clips shows a character who's being tortured (it's not gory, but it's still painful).
While I occasionally upload some game footage from less kid-friendly games (*cough cough* Dead by Daylight *cough*… also Saints Row IV, and, to a lesser extent, 7 Days to Die), and some fanvids or clips from shows that aren't kid-friendly (Person of Interest) some discussion videos that probably go over kids' heads anyway, it's meant to be mostly safe for kids to browse. I avoid swearing (I think "crap" is the strongest word that's been used on my channel so far, and I've even started censoring that as well, due to my niece), and have no intention of